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MSRI focusing on Math Modeling!

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Critical Issues in Mathematics Education 2019: Mathematical Modeling in K-16: Community and Cultural ContextsMarch 06, 2019 – March 08, 2019

OrganizersJulia Aguirre (University of Washington – Tacoma)LEAD Cynthia Anhalt (University of Arizona)Staffas Broussard (The Algebra Project)Ricardo Cortez (Tulane University)Michael Driskill (Math for America )Sol Garfunkel (Consortium for Mathematics and Its Applications (COMAP))Genetha Gray (Salesforce)Maria Hernandez (North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics)LEAD Rachel Levy (MAA – Mathematical Association of America)Javier Rojo (Oregon State

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Mathematical Modeling (MM) now has increased visibility in the education system and in the public domain. It appears as a content standard for high school mathematics and a mathematical practice standard across the K-12 curriculum (Common Core Standards; and other states’ standards in mathematics education).  Job opportunities are increasing in business, industry and government for those trained in the mathematical sciences. Quantitative reasoning is foundational for civic engagement and de…   Show more
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