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Mission Statement:To promote excellence in mathematics teaching, learning and collaborative mentoring in Northern Virginia through innovative solution-oriented initiatives and technology integration.


  • Develop STEM based educational programs for students and teachers to solve real-world problems that focus on 21st Century Skills including critical thinking, problem solving, communication, collaboration and creativity, careers, technology and innovation.
  • Provide sustained, intensive and high-quality K-12 teacher mathematics professional development through systemic approach that provides unique opportunities for students to increase their knowledge and access to rigorous curriculum aligned to the standards of learning.
  • Provide targeted opportunities for meaningful mathematics learning to underrepresented populations in the Northern Virginia area to increase the academic achievement of Limited English Proficient and economically disadvantaged students through academic opportunities and advocacy through Undergraduate Mentors and Family Advocacy in STEM Education Initiative.
  • Develop a GMU e-Learning technology infrastructure that provides global classrooms for teachers and students through content-focused mathematics education technology modules.
  • Perform continuous research and evaluations through formative and summative assessment of effectiveness in improving teaching practices and student learning outcomes.

The COMPLETE center will provide a collaborative network that brings together a consortium of school district leaders, GMU Faculty and students, national experts, non-profit organizations and business partners.